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How would you like to increase your sales 20% and cut your costs 10%?

My latest project brings together 20+ of America's top business minds to help you grow your profits! This business growth and productivity system gives you easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions allowing you to implement the best profit-building strategies into your business.

This profit-enhancing system was developed to increase your sales at least 20% and decrease your expenses at least 10%... all within 10 weeks. And as a special bonus, we're teaching methods on how to buyout your competitor and access growth capital with little-to-no cash of your own.

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Just dedicate 3-5 hours a week (for a 10 week period) to using this proprietary business growth system, and you'll be own you way reaching your profit increase goal. We've made it simple too; just login to the online system and follow each step, one-by-one -- it walks you right through the process at your pace.

Each week, you'll get access to a new training module with instructions on completing each step of the process. Just follow the directions and complete each action-step, and the software will provide you the course of action to take to achieve your growth.

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What Will Your Learn?

Here are some of the available training topics:

The Profit Mindset: The mental preparation needed to achieve optimum growth in your business.

Optimum Purchasing Plan: How to buy at lower cost and how to maximize every dollar you spend; saving businesses 10%+ of current expenditures.

Optimized Offline Marketing: Broadening & systemizing the selling process; providing a path to manageable and sustainable sales growth.

Optimized Online Marketing: Broadening & systemizing the Internet selling process (or properly establishing one); providing a solid channel for further sales growth.

Organizing/Systemization: Streamlining a business to further facilitate growth (reducing costs & production time) and allowing to virtually take the business owner out of the day-to-day operations of the business; allowing the owner to focus on further profit strategies or personal goals - knowing the business is providing the quality products/service that the customers (and the owner) expect.

Printing & Mailing Strategies: How to save 10% - 25% in printing & mailing services.

Cashflow Reengineering: Strategies & methods to collect more receivables faster and extend payables out further; providing more Cashflow to more effectively manage, operate & expand the business.

Business Financing: How & where to get money for growth & expansion (facilities, machinery, raw material, etc.); allowing many businesses to virtually expand at-will.

Financial Leverage: How to buyout competitors with little-to-no cash out-of-pocket; allowing many businesses to instantly double within just a few months.

...and this is just a partial list of what you can learn through this series of Webinars.

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Step-by-Step Plan... not just ideas

To be clear, these training sessions are not providing fancy ideas. Rather they're offering world-class, time-tested wisdom, strategies and step-by-step actions that lead toward specific results.

All of these techniques may seem like secrets - they are not! Making them accessible in a simplified, usable system has never been practical… until now.

After the initial webinar series is complete, we will continue to bring you the very best results-oriented business experts on an ongoing basis as the opportunity presents itself. In particular, we are always looking for leaders who are innovative, on the cutting-edge, and are dedicated to assisting business owners to excel -- helping them achieve what they want and need.

All you (the business owner) needs is desire, attention and willingness to follow the step-by-step system; the experts provide the know-how and planning tools, and the online software system provides the structure and delivers it all to you.

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I am sponsoring the $3,500 tuition fee for all my subscribers and clients. There will only be one chance this year to participate in this revolutionary business growth opportunity. Make sure you register prior to February 28, 2012 (the first training is scheduled to begin in March 2011).

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