Optimizing Marketing Efforts:
7 Steps to a Winning Advertising Strategy

Here are the seven steps to creating a winning advertising strategy I learned from Richard Armstrong. Answer these questions and put your responses to into action.

1. Plant Your Flag! Ask yourself, “What is the one great thing I can say about my product that none of my competitors can say about theirs?”

2. Dig Your Trench! Ask yourself, “How can I find a place for my product in my customer’s mind by relating it to what’s already in there?”

3. Take Dead Aim! Ask yourself, “What does my best prospect already believe that will make her want to buy my product without persuasion?”

4. Take Your Best Shot! Ask yourself, “What is the most I can afford to give away to get a new customer?”

5. Take a Risk! Ask yourself, “How can I make buying from me as easy, safe, and convenient as possible?”

6. Make an Impact! Ask yourself, “How can I break through the clutter?”

7. Make it Count! Ask yourself, “How can I move my customer from awareness to action?”

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