Optimizing Marketing Efforts:
Increasing Response Rate in a Recession

Many business owners are complaining of declining response rates, a downturn in business, and the weak economy. “Our direct mail isn’t pulling like it used to,” they complain. “What can I do?”

Here’s what I have found works:

1. Take massive action. Figure out what you think you need to do to generate the level of leads and orders you need. Then do twice that amount.

2. Don’t rely on only one promotional vehicle, like direct mail or cold calling. Do three, four, even five things: send out mailings; advertise; regularly e-mail your list; write an article; give a speech.

3. Make every communication a direct marketing communication. Offer a premium with a high perceived value. Stress your free offer in your promotion.

4. Test different offers, ideas, copy, formats, and media to see which work best. Roll out with those promotions that work. Scratch the others. If they don’t do well in a small test, mailing more won’t help. 

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